What is Endermologie?

How does it work?

ENDERMOLOGIE reactivates cellular activity by mechanically stimulating your skin (MÉCANO-STIMULATION) using a pleasant and non-aggressive technique.

ENDERMOLOGIE treats different target tissues and has a wide variety of uses.

The treatment is performed by a professional using CELLU M6 and MOBILIFT M6 devices.
Equipped with Rolls (rollers) or Lifts (flaps), the treatment heads gently grasp the skin tissue and target different areas of the body and face using the 100% natural MÉCANO-STIMULATION technique.

ENDERMOLOGIE can be used to treat different skin areas with a very wide range of application.
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The ENDERMOLIFT treatment naturally reactivates youthfulness cells (fibroblasts) that produce collagen and elastin in order to redensify the skin.


Collagen fibers provide firmness to the skin, and elastin fibers enhance its flexibility.

Although the number of collagen and elastin fibers decreases with age, LPG techniques can naturally and gently reactivate their synthesis.


With its fast-acting, effective and pain-free action, ENDERMOLOGIE treats problems associated with venal failure, "heavy leg" sensations, and water retention.


The LIPOMASSAGE treatment naturally boosts lipolysis (the release of fat cells) to remove fat cells (adipocytes).


Using LPG's exclusive patented treatment head, the therapist can mobilize the targeted muscles in order to relieve tension and spasms.


About 90% of women are prone to cellulite, affecting the fatty layer of the hypodermis that is divided by parallel septa (unlike in men, whose septa is crossed).

The LIPOMASSAGE technique, the only one of its kind in the world, can release imprisoned fat to smooth cellulite.


What is Mécano-Stimulation™?

MÉCANO-STIMULATION* is an action principle that is recognized and proven by the scientific community. Mechanical stimulation on the surface of the skin sends a signal deep down to the cells (ex: fat cells and fibroblasts) to provoke a physiological response (ex: activation of collagen and elastin production or activation of lipolysis).


Roll technology

The two independent motorized rollers (patented by LPG) gently pull the skin using three directions of rotation, depending on the desired objectives.
The various folds treat different types of tissue, including cellulite, adipose, edematous, fibrous, adherent, inflammatory, thin, fragile, and relaxed tissue.

Lift Technology (new LPG patent in 2013)

The new Ergolift treatment head (patented by LPG in 2013) uses two-dimensional stimulation—vertical and horizontal—to send a wave through the tissue and gently stimulate the skin. Depending on the lift pulsation rate and the chosen suction sequentiality, the Ergolift head creates a targeted, multi-dimensional stimulation at varying skin depths to accomplish specific aesthetic and therapeutic goals (e.g. release fat, drain, fill wrinkles, redensify skin, firm, oxygenate or defibrosis). The vast selection of settings also makes it possible to treat different tissues: fibrotic, edematous, scar, wrinkled, thin, delicate, or flabby.

Roll & Lift heads


More than 1,000 different possible settings
[1] Works at different depths of the skin thanks to sequential suction.
[2] Targeted cellular stimulation thanks to variable Lift pulse speeds.

The Importance of Septa

Septa are parallel partitions that divide the hypodermis into small cavities containing adipocytes (fat cells).
When fat cells grow, these partitions change shape and pull at where they are attached to the skin. Cellulite then appears, along with its inevitable orange peel effect. LIPOMASSAGE first relaxes these partitions and improves circulation. At the same time, the mechanical action of the Roll heads triggers biological responses and reactivates the removal of stored fat.


Extend the benefits of Endermologie® at home



In just a few minutes a day at home, WELLBOX restarts the dormant physiological processes that are responsible for thinning the body and making the face appear younger. Learn more

LPG Technical Care

For the most effective body contouring and anti-aging results, LPG has created the Technic Care Line, the first cosmetics line directly inspired by ENDERMOLOGIE. It was developed to work in perfect synergy with LPG devices and to optimize the reactivation of key youthfulness and slimming cells. Learn more

* Principle of mechanical cellular stimulation