Effective on your whole figure!

The bad news: our cellular activity inevitably slows down...

Your body is capable of naturally balancing the production and elimination of fat with "slimming" cells (i.e. adipocytes). But despite a perfectly healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity, the body's cellular metabolism will inevitably slow down, which results in accelerated fat storage.
Unsightly fatty pockets and cellulite will begin to appear in certain areas (e.g. tummy, hips, thighs, knees, etc.). Simultaneously, the collagen and elastin production will decrease, which causes skin to lose density, thin and sag.

The good news: LPG MÉCANO-STIMULATION reactivates cellular activity naturally!

With MÉCANO-STIMULATION*, the various LPG ROLL actions (i.e. ROLL'In, ROLL'Up, ROLL'Out) trigger intensive biological responses: the stimulation of fat cells reactivates the elimination of resistant fat and the stimulation of fibroblasts ("firming" cells) revitalizes collagen and elastin production.
After 6 sessions, stubborn fat reserves are broken down, curves are re-sculpted, cellulite is smoothed and loose skin is firmed – naturally. Session after session, skin quality improvements and figure toning will increase. It's easy; the more you do, the better you'll feel - and the more it shows!

ENDERMOLOGIE: at the core of cellular stimulation

ENDERMOLOGIE is the science of cellular stimulation developed by LPG and proven by more than 128 scientific studies. Through its principle of MÉCANO-STIMULATION* the skin's surface is stimulated to generate deep biological responses that are painless and noninvasive.


Yes to slimming down… but only in the places you want to slim down.

The ironic part of dieting is that your desired weight loss often comes at the price of your beautiful womanly curves. Before losing your saddlebags, you'll lose your breasts, buttocks and the cheek definition on your face.

A major advantage of LIPOMASSAGE is its ability to precisely target and treat only the areas that are a problem. Even your diet- and exercise- resistant cellulite dimples can be smoothed away. As for the resculpting action of LIPOMASSAGE, it can redefine and uplift a shapeless buttock - so you'll not only have dimple-free skin, you'll also have a perfect figure! What else could you possibly wish for?

The Lipomassage™ targeted actions addresses every unique objective-
whether for beauty, slimming, or anti-aging – anywhere on the body:

illustration objectifs corps
corps femme
HIPS (a.k.a. «love handles»)
(a.k.a. «touching-thigh syndrome»)
BACK (a.k.a. «bra line fat»)
BUTTOCKS (a.k.a. «banana bulges»
and buttock asymmetry)

Four Beauty Goals


* Principle of mechanical cellular stimulation